Our Complimentary Shoe

Fitting Process

Doing your research online is a great start. There is no substitute, however, for going through an in-person shoe fitting. We’ve put thousands of customers in the right shoes, and we’re familiar with the vast array of shoes on the market.  Every customer is different: some need just a few minutes with us, and some take more time to evaluate several pairs. Since precise fit is key, you’ll have our full attention for as long as it takes.

We Learn About You

Whether you're a runner, walker, athlete, or just looking for comfort in your everyday life, we want to learn all about you. We'll inquire about your fitness and health goals, injury history, exercise frequency, and more.

Meet Your Feet

Looking for a new pair of shoes or an insole? Strip down to your bare feet and help us get a full view of what's going on under your socks. Bare feet are a necessary step in the process because socks hide things like black toenails and calluses. Don't worry; we'll get you into a pair of comfy technical socks to try on with your shoes.

Visual Gait Analysis

We watch you walk without shoes to determine how your foot and ankle bear weight during the gait cycle. We assess 5 key variables: bone structure, foot rotation, pronation, stature, and foot shape. Based on all this info, we select a shoe as a starting point and get you moving. If your comfortable with it, we may ask you to run or walk briskly on our in-store tread mill.

Complete The Puzzle

Depending on your needs, we may recommend other complementary products - orthotic insoles, injury prevention tools, hydration gear, nutrition, etc., to ensure total comfort during your workout and everyday life.

Expertise and Personal Attention