Our Four-Step Fitting Process

Whether you're a casual walker, tackling your first mile or knocking down your next ultra, our staff have the tools and know-how to get you across your personal finish line.


First, We Listen

Tell us about yourself and let us check out your current athletic shoes for wear patterns. Are you currently running? Walking? What are your fitness and health goals, injury history, exercise frequency, limitations? There’s no such thing as too much information and the more we can discover, the better we can help.


Second, We Watch

We will watch you walk without shoes to determine how your foot and ankle bear weight during the gait cycle. We assess 5 key variables: bone structure, foot rotation, pronation, stature, and foot shape. We will then diagnose your stance, stride and step and the biomechanics of your foot. Based on all this information, we will select various shoes based on your specific foot type for you to try on. If your comfortable with it, we may ask you to run or walk briskly on our in-store tread mill.


Third, We Act

Here’s where the rubber hits the road. Whether you try on two pairs of shoes or eight, we will work with you to find the right match. From getting them on to lacing them up the right way, we'll be there through the whole process. Depending on your needs, we may recommend other complementary products, such as orthotic insoles, injury prevention tools, hydration gear, nutrition, etc., to ensure total comfort during your workout and everyday life.


Finally, We Plan

You’re geared up and ready to go. So what’s next? Time to look ahead. Training programs, tips, running and walking groups, injury prevention and recovery—we want to discuss and plan with you because this fitting process is only the beginning of your journey.