Buy One, Get One (BOGO) Promotion Policy

1. Overview:
Our Buy One, Get One (BOGO) policy is designed to provide customers with enhanced value and affordability when purchasing products. The policy outlines the terms and conditions governing the acquisition, return, and exchange of items obtained through the BOGO promotion.

2. Qualifying Conditions:
BOGO offers are applicable to specific products as indicated by the promotion. To qualify for the BOGO promotion, customers must purchase one item at the regular price to become eligible for a second item of equal or lesser value at a discounted rate that may vary.

3. Return Options for BOGO Full Price Item and Discounted Rate Item:
Customers have the option to return both items acquired through the BOGO promotion to receive a full refund.

4. Return Options for BOGO Full Price Item:
For the item purchased at the full retail price in the BOGO promotion, customers have the flexibility to receive store credit or exchange it for another item of the same amount or higher (the customer is responsible for paying the price difference when exchanging for a higher value item).

5. Return Options for BOGO Discounted Rate Item:
Customers have the option to return the item acquired at discounted rate through the BOGO promotion to receive a refund equals to the amount paid for the item at the time of the promotion.

6. Duration of the BOGO Promotion:
The BOGO promotion is subject to specific timeframes and may be limited to certain products. Customers are encouraged to review promotional details to ascertain the duration and applicability of the BOGO offer.

7. Final Authority:
In the event of any discrepancy or ambiguity, the Athletic Treads Footwear, Inc. reserves the right to make the final determination regarding the application and interpretation of the BOGO policy.

Our customer support team is readily available to address any inquiries, provide assistance with the BOGO Policy's, returns or exchanges, and ensure a positive customer experience throughout the BOGO promotion.

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Last Updated: 12/01/2023. These policies complement and incorporate by reference the Athletic Treads Terms of Service and Athletic Treads Refund Policy.