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Athletic treads has partnered with the Volumental FitTech® platform

An advanced 3D scanning and data tool to optimize shoe fit that leverages the largest dataset of 3D foot scans in the world, eliminating size guesswork.

Say goodbye to sizing uncertainty and hello to perfectly fitting shoes.

Volumental benefits

  • It is the most accurate scanning measurement device you can find in retail stores. 
  • Scans feet in 5 seconds. 
  • Generates an accurate 3D foot model of your foot on the screen.
  • Provides you with the most accurate foot measurements in 10 seconds

Why Volumental?


  • Because it just works. 
  • We can geek out about why the computer vision and software programming expertise makes this 3D scanning technology the world’s best, both in-store and online. We can describe precisely how our millions of foot scans matched to retail purchases drives our blazing-fast and hyper-accurate AI recommendation algorithms.
  • But all you really need to know is that our 3D foot scanners and Fit Engine™ recommendations will work for you to find your perfect fit.

Discover the process

An interactive 3D foot scan is rendered in less than 5 seconds.

View best fitting AI-powered footwear recommendations matched to your foot scan.

View best recommended size, fit zones and available colors for selected footwear.