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Ideal for runners who experience hot spots and feet that tend to over-heat, the Balega UltraGlide No Show Tab socks f...
Color: Black / Grey
UltraGlide No Show Tab Black / Grey
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Ideal for runners who experience hot spots and feet that tend to over-heat, the Balega UltraGlide No Show Tab socks feature a lightweight construction and strategic protective cushioning. Engineered with friction free yarn and proprietary Drynamix moisture yarn, the socks help keep feet cool and dry, minimizing friction and resulting in better blister prevention.
UltraGlide No Show Tab Socks are designed to be lightweight. Engineered with Drynamix moisture management fiber, combined with a unique friction free yarn, these socks keep feet cool and dry while allowing free airflow for maximum comfort and performance. Featuring an additional cushion pad across the metatarsal area for additional protection, the design helps prevent blisters by encompassing moisture, heat, and movement. The UltraGlide incorporates PFTE (a synthetic fluoropolymer of tetrafluoroethylene) into the fabric to act as a lubricant, which reduces friction and wear. This unique lubricant is also responsible for controlled heat management, reducing heat caused by static and kinetic function to keep the skin cool. UltraGlide socks feature a contoured left and right knit construction to ensure that each sock fits the foot properly. This unique design eliminates excess bunching at the toes and prevents the sock from sliding down into shoes during activity. 1-year warranty.

Product details.

  • Lightweight construction and strategic protective cushioning help reduce hot spots and keep feet cool during activity
  • Friction free yarn combined with Drynamix yarn minimizes risk of chafing and rub spots
  • Compressive arch bands with ventilation panels aid with breathability and hold sock securely in place
  • Contoured left and right knit construction ensures the ultimate fit
  • Hand-linked toe closure
  • Includes a 1-year warranty



Size chart
U.S. Men U.S. Women Size
4.5-6.5 6-8 Small
7-9 8.5-10.5 Medium
9.5-11.5 11-13 Large
12-14 13.5-15.5 Extra Large

Product features

Best for

  • Road Running
  • Walking
  • Hiking


  • Recycled materials